Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the qualifications for student applicants?

1. Must be at least senior high school graduate
2. Must be at least 17 years old upon enrollment
3. Must pass the admission examinations:

a. Written and practical tests
b. Interview
c. Medical examination.

TMP Tech also accepts transferees from other Tech-voc Institutions (TVIs), Colleges or Universities, as well as Out-of-School Youth.

What are the initial requirements for admission examinations?

On the day of the admission examinations, the applicant must bring the following:

  1. Accomplished TMP Tech Application Form
  2. Two (2) colored ID pictures, 2” x 2” with white background
  3. Photocopy of grades (last grading or semester attended)
  4. Application fee of Php 200.00. Student applicants shall be notified if they passed the written and practical tests, as well as the interview, on the same day of admission examination so they can proceed at once with the enrollment procedure, e.g., payment of reservation fee of Php 2,000.00, if they want to.

What are the documentary requirements for enrollment?

For new senior high school graduate:

  1. Original copy of Form 138 or Senior High School Report Card
  2. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
  3. Original Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended
  4. Original and valid Police Clearance
  5. Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate from PSA (for married female applicants)
  6. Medical Certificate from a TMP Tech-accredited hospital or clinic.

For transferees or degree holders, the following additional requirements must be submitted:


  1. Original Certificate of Transfer of Eligibility
  2. Transcript of Records or Certified True Copy of Grades from the school last attended.

For scholarship applicants, the following additional requirement/s must be submitted:

  1. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents or guardian; or
  2. Certificate of Non-Filing of Income Tax issued by BIR or Certificate of Indigency issued by the Barangay or Municipality (if unemployed).

Can foreign students apply in TMP Tech?

Yes. TMP Tech accepts foreign students. Please Click here for the admission process and list of additional requirements to be submitted.

Does TMP Tech have a minimum and maximum age limit for student applicants?

Yes, TMP Tech requires the student applicants to be at least 17 years old. The school has no maximum age limit, but requires older students to be physically fit and in reasonably good health condition to complete and pass the enrolled training program.


What are the courses offered by TMP Tech? What is the duration of each course and what certificates are issued per course completion?

Toyota General Job Automotive Servicing Course (GJ)
Duration : 2 Years
Scope of Training :
(a) 18 months in-school classroom lecture and hands-on practices
(b) 5 months On-the-Job Training at Toyota Dealership
Certificates Issued :
(a) TESDA Automotive Servicing National Certificates I, II, III & IV
(b) TMP Tech Certificate of Training

Automotive Body Repairing Course (ABR)
Duration : 7 Months
Scope of Training :
(a) 3 months in-school classroom lectures and hands-on practices
(b) 4 months On-the-Job Training at Toyota Dealership
Certificates Issued :
(a) TESDA Automotive Body Repairing National Certificate II
(b) TMP Tech Certificate of Training

Automotive Body Painting & Finishing Course (ABP)
Duration : 7 Months
Scope of Training :
(a) 3 months in-school classroom lectures and hands-on practices
(b) 4 months On-the-Job Training at Toyota Dealership
Certificates Issued :
(a) TESDA Automotive Body Repairing National Certificate I & II
(b) TMP Tech Certificate of Training

If a student already has TESDA NC Certifications from previous institutions, does he still need to go through TMP Tech’s entire curriculum?

TMP Tech requires that all enrolled students go through the entire curriculum completing all the required subjects and training hours per qualification. However, taking the TESDA assessment will be OPTIONAL if the student has already been issued TESDA National Certificate for the same qualification enrolled and completed at TMP Tech.

Does TMP Tech offer weekend courses?

TMP Tech offers Capsulized Auto Repair Series (CARS), which are special interest courses conducted on Saturdays for professionals and enthusiasts.

For TESDA courses, the school conducts classes only on weekdays.

What are the school days and class hours?

TMP Tech school calendar generally covers five (5) school days per week, from Monday to Friday. Holding of Saturday classes may be authorized by the School Head to complete and conform to the required training hours by TESDA.

Classes for GJ, ABR and ABP courses are conducted from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

What are the admission and training periods for the course offerings?

Course Training
No. of Entries
Per Year
Training Period
GJ 2 years 2 December to May June to May
July to October November to October
ABR 7 months 3 The school shall announce the schedules of admission & training periods once school calendar is finalized.
ABP 7 monhts 3


Where and how do I take the admission examinations if I live in the provinces?

The school conducts satellite examinations in various regions of the country. The schedule is announced through the school’s official website and social networking sites, and/or partner private and public organizations (e.g. local Toyota dealer or universities).

Currently, the school has some limitations, depending on the volume of applicants and/or other factors. Online examinations may be available in the future and we shall announce it once ready.

In the meantime, student applicants are encouraged to take the admission examinations at TMP Tech’s campus in Santa Rosa City, Laguna for faster processing of results and free tour of the school’s facilities.

What is the coverage of the Admission Examinations?

TMP Tech Admission Examinations have two (2) parts, plus an interview:

  1. Written examination which covers English, Mathematics and Abstract Reasoning
  2. Practical examination which covers tools identification and basic electrical aptitude test

If I fail the admission examination, will I be allowed to immediately do a re-take?

No. A student applicant can take the qualifying admission examinations only once. However, he may be allowed to re-take in the next application period. Please refer to item #5, page 3 of the FAQ for the application periods.


How much are your school fees and what are your payment schemes?

a. Regular Courses

Course Tuition Miscellaneous Payment Scheme
GJ NC I, II, III & IV 1st Year Php 46,000.00 Php 13,000.00
  • One-time (for 2 years)
  • Annual
  • Monthly
2nd Year Php 46,000.00 Php 7,900.00
ABR NC II Php 75,000.00
  • One-time (for 7 months)
  • Monthly
ABP NC I & II Php 80,000.00
  • One-time (for 7 months)
  • Installment (DP; remaining balance in 3 equal monthly payments)

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

b. Short Courses on Capsulized Automotive Repair Series (CARS)

Course Tuition Miscellaneous Payment Scheme
(1) Vehicle Periodic Maintenance Php 3,500.00
  • One-time
(2) Diesel Engine Servicing Php 7,500.00
(3) Gasoline Engine Servicing Php 7,500.00
(4) Automotive Electrical Servicing Php 7,500.00

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Do you have a dormitory? How much are the services and how to avail?

Yes, TMP Tech has a dormitory which is located inside the school campus. It can accommodate 222 residents, with separate accommodations for men and women.

The Dormitory Fee is Php 1,800.00 per month.

Does TMP Tech offer shuttle services for the students?

TMP Tech does not offer shuttle services for the students. For those who reside in other provinces of the country, the school offers its dormitory services on a first-come, first-served basis or students may opt to find a nearby apartment.

The school’s location is strategic and close to Santa Rosa City’s residential and commercial establishments.

Does TMP Tech operate other branches?

TMP Tech has no other branches at other areas of the country at present time. The current school campus is located in Toyota Special Economic Zone, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway, Santa Rosa City, Laguna.


How is the dealer selected for student’s OJT deployment?

OJT deployment is based on Toyota dealers’ OJT slots availability. As much as possible, proximity of student’s permanent residence to Toyota dealership is taken into consideration where to deploy the student, but this is not automatic and there is no assurance.

If there are no available slots at Toyota dealership near a student’s permanent residence, the student shall be deployed in Toyota dealerships where there are available OJT slots to complete his mandatory OJT deployment.

Do you allow OJT at overseas Toyota dealerships?

Currently, TMP Tech does not have institutional partners overseas for OJT; hence does not allow nor send students for OJT overseas.

In what countries are your graduates eligible for employment?

Each country has its own qualifications set required for automotive technicians.

TMP Tech’s training programs are aligned and complied with TESDA’s required competencies and Toyota’s advanced global training platform—Technical Education for Automotive Mastery for the 21st Century or TEAM 21. Successfully completing these programs allow a TMP Tech graduate to be eligible for employment in any Toyota service dealerships worldwide.

Do you facilitate the employment of your students after graduation?

TMP Tech has close linkage with the local Toyota dealer network through an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Toyota Dealer Association (TDA). Under this partnership, TMP Tech works together with TDA for purposes of providing continuous supply of quality automotive technicians to the dealer network nationwide, aside from support to the school’s Scholarship and OJT programs.

Hence, TMP Tech graduates are given priority for employment in the local Toyota dealer network. However, TMP Tech is not part of the dealers’ internal hiring process, nor does it hire graduates on behalf of a Toyota-affiliate or automotive company in the Philippines and abroad.

Do you send graduates abroad for employment?

TMP Tech’s graduates are also preferred for employment in the Toyota dealers overseas.

From 2013 to 2018, TMP Tech has partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel Import & Distribution (ALJ), Toyota’s leading distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Under the partnership with ALJ, TMP Tech trained and deployed about a hundred Filipino Diagnosis Technicians to KSA and employed with ALJ.

In 2018, we have started our partnership with Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co., Ltd. (AAB) of Qatar to train Filipino automotive technician to be employed to AAB.

Also started in 2018, selected GJ students are undergoing Japanese language training for possible employment at Toyota Japan dealer network. Deployment will start in 2020.