The TMP Tech Logo


© TMP TechThe logo of Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology, Inc. or TMP Tech embodies the solidity, stability and quality of education it provides.

The iconic “T” at the center, exudes strength and stability, symbolizing the school’s strong and solid foundation, backed by world-class TOYOTA Quality and Excellence. It also represents the TMP Tech graduate who exemplifies a world-class, automotive professional with solid academic and technical expertise.

The complete name of the school encircling the iconic “T” and “TMP TECH” signifies “Wholeness” – denoting that the school addresses both technical competence and character. With its mission aimed for the long-term, TMP Tech is committed to equip every student with the necessary technical knowledge and skills, as well as instill in them Toyota ideals, values and principles, to help them reach their full potential.

The Red color of the iconic “T” and “TMP TECH” represents the boldness and passion that drives students to fulfill their dreams.

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