Through partnerships with various Toyota and non-Toyota organizations abroad, TMP Tech ensures that its students have more employment opportunities upon graduation.

Abdul Latif Jameel Imports and Distribution Co. Ltd.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Toyota sends off 4th batch of automotive technicians to Saudi, signs agreement with overseas distributor
Toyota sends off the 4th batch of automotive technicians to Saudi Arabia through its partnership with ALJID © TMP Tech

The school has an existing partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel Imports and Distribution Co. Ltd. (ALJID). Under this agreement, graduates of TMP Tech are assigned for dispatch to Toyota dealerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read news about ALJID / ALJ



Toyota school partners with Australian institution
TMP Tech partners with Australian institution, Chisholm © TMP Tech

The Chisholm Institute is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Australia. TMP Tech has formed a partnership with Chisholm Institute in order to align its curriculum according to Australian standards. The result of this partnership is that graduates from TMP Tech will immediately be eligible for employment in Australia, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries. Read news about Chisholm Institute


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