History of TMP Tech


Our Founders © TMP TechThe Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology or TMP Tech is a world-class technical institution founded by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Honorary Chairman Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) Chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty.

TMP Tech’s mission is to produce highly-skilled Filipino workers for the growing demand for Toyota technicians, both domestic and overseas.

TMP Tech evolved from TMP Chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty’s desire to express his gratitude to TMC for its successful 25-year partnership with the Metrobank Group of Companies which he also chairs; and to the Philippines for the many opportunities that the country has provided him.

Aside from his desire to give thanks to TMC and the Philippines, the establishment of TMP Tech also came from Chairman Ty’s recognition of the Filipinos’ world-class talent and the increasing demand for qualified automotive professionals. This realization encouraged him to come up with a proposal to establish a technical school to develop Filipino automotive technicians to meet the challenges of an expanding economy and increasing motorization.

This proposition was well-received by TMC, particularly by TMC Honorary Chairman Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda. He expressed his confidence in the establishment of the school, saying, “I am optimistic about the long-term benefits that global Toyota will reap from this school. I am happy and proud that this school can support and give value to the Toyota brand.”

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