Special Facilities


Computer Laboratory

Laboratory for computer skills training © TMP TechLaboratory for computer skills training © TMP Tech

TMP Tech operates its own computer lab facility complete with Internet access. The computer laboratory is equipped with sufficient computers such that each student will have one unit assigned to him/her during class hours.


Speech Laboratory

Training facility for foreign language learning © TMP TechTraining facility for foreign language learning © TMP Tech

The speech laboratory is a facility that aims to transform the students into effective communicators. This facility makes it possible for students to develop and enhance their communication skills, making them competitive in both the local and global workforce.



Library area for study and research © TMP TechLibrary area for study and research © TMP Tech

Additional learning is made possible for the students of TMP Tech within the confines of the library. The library is well-stocked with books related to the automotive industry and it also contains computers which may be utilized for additional research activities.


Meeting Room

Meeting room © TMP TechMeeting room © TMP Tech

The TMP Tech Meeting Room is where executive presentations and board meetings may be held.


Multipurpose Hall

Meeting room © TMP TechMultipurpose hall © TMP Tech

Equipped with audio-visual equipment and containing enough seats to accommodate mini events, the Multipurpose Hall is the ideal venue for hosting guests and holding minor ceremonies.


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