Lecture and Workshop


Bay Area

Spacious bay area for workshop training © TMP TechSpacious bay area for workshop training © TMP Tech

TMP Tech students have the privilege of working with a wide array of Toyota vehicles to increase their technical skills. These vehicles will be situated in specialized vehicle stalls and workshops for students to study and analyze.


Electrical and Engine Room

Electrical and Engine Room © TMP TechElectrical and Engine Room © TMP Tech

Apart from the vehicles which are readily available for students to study, the Electrical and Engine Room will have advanced training simulators for students to extensively analyze.

Advanced gas and diesel engine training simulators © TMP TechGas and diesel engine simulators © TMP Tech

Electromagnetism training simulator © TMP TechElectromagnetism simulator © TMP Tech



Air-conditioned classroom areas © TMP TechAir-conditioned classrooms © TMP Tech

TMP Tech ensures that it provides its students with classrooms which are conducive for learning. Fitted with sizeable desks and comfortable chairs, the classrooms provide TMP Tech students with venues wherein academic excellence may be fostered.


Painting Booth

Painting booth © TMP TechPainting booth © TMP Tech

The Painting Booth is a facility used by the students in the simulation of paint jobs.


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