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Multiple Roads, Leading to One Toyota Network: The Outstanding Graduates of TMP Tech


Since Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology’s (TMP Tech) establishment in 2013, it has been producing graduates who are highly-competent in their craft and who live by the ideals of a Toyota automotive professional. As envisioned by its founders, Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and Dr. George S.K. Ty, TMP Tech proves to be one of the premier technical schools in the Philippines consistently creating better opportunities for Filipinos.

Fueling Passion

For a mechanical engineering graduate like Melvin Lunar (Batch 1 Most Outstanding Student Awardee), age has never been a hindrance to pursue his interest in automotive at TMP Tech. “At that time, at the age of 34, even though I’m already a family man and have been into some business ventures, I knew I must pursue this one because it is my passion,” Lunar shared in an interview. Lunar also said that his current working environment encourages him to continuously learn to improve his skills.

Melvin Lunar | TMP Tech Graduate

Melvin Lunar is now gainfully employed as a service technician at Lexus Manila

As it is also TMP Tech’s mission to assist financially-challenged but deserving students, Kim Reimon Bulintao (Batch 2 Most Outstanding Student Awardee) shared how the school provided him an opportunity to finish his studies and excel at the same time. Prior to entering his second year, when his parents in Nueva Vizcaya experienced difficulty to settle his tuition fees, Bulintao decided to apply for a scholarship at TMP Tech. With the school’s existing scholarship program, Bulintao passed the qualifications and was awarded a GT Foundation Scholarship. “Personally, I got to finish my studies without worrying much about the expenses. But the responsibility that comes with it is one of the reasons that drive me to do my best,” he said.

Kim Reimon Bulintao | TMP Tech Graduate

Bulintao (right) shared that few days after his graduation last June, he was quickly hired at Toyota Balintawak

The Toyota Way of Education

One of the unique qualities that distinguishes TMP Tech among other technical schools in the country is how Toyota’s well-known values are incorporated in its fast-track 2-year curriculum. This optimally combines Technical Education Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) required competencies with Toyota-specific contents, including safety, quality, continuous improvement, standardized work, and customer value. These are key in molding TMP Tech students to become highly-competent professionals in the field of automotive servicing.

The student training experience is fully complemented with competitive instructors, topnotch facilities, and up-to-date equipment & specialized tools. With the school’s strong partnership and linkage with the Toyota Dealers Association, TMP Tech students become well-equipped after their 8-month on-the-job training at local dealerships.

Strong Local and Global After-Sales Network

Toyota is one of the largest automotive companies present in six continents. With 28 sterling years in the Philippines, Toyota has already established 52 dealerships (including Lexus Manila) nationwide, providing sales and service closer to local customers. As the dealer network continues to expand further, Toyota consistently gives prime value to after-sales service. Hence, TMP Tech’s mission to develop the highly-trained and capable Filipino youth strategically fits the industry’s increasing local and global demand for Toyota professionals.

To date, a total of 287 students have graduated from TMP Tech’s primary 2-year Toyota General Job Automotive Servicing Course (GJ). On the other hand, around 200 have graduated from the Specialized Automotive Training Program (STATP), a training-to-employment program in strategic partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel Import & Distribution Co. Ltd. (ALJID)—one of the world’s largest independent distributors of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Graduates of STATP finish a 24-month “Diagnosis Technician” training and are then employed in Toyota’s vast dealer and service network in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, 46 new Toyota technicians graduated from TMP Tech Batch 3 Class of 2016. Shining among them is its Most Outstanding Student Awardee, Kevin John Katayama. Having already earned a baccalaureate degree in a prestigious college, Katayama (23 years old), made a career shift as he pursued his passion for fixing vehicles. “I plan to work in a dealership as a technician where I could further improve the technical skills I’ve learned in the past two years. Hopefully, in the future, that can help in my dream of putting up my own shop,” Katayama disclosed. Like other TMP Tech GJ graduates, most alumni are hired by local Toyota dealers, while some transition to STATP, become self-employed, or pursue college degrees.

Kevin John Katayama | TMP Tech Graduate

Katayama topped his batch, receving a Silver Medal for Technical Excellence and
several Special Excellence Awards

During the graduation ceremony, TMP Tech president Dr. David Go addressed the graduates, “May you constantly remember to live out our shared values of continuous improvement and respect for people as you move forward and join the Toyota global network.” Likewise, Dr. Go further challenged the graduates to seize the opportunities opened for them to create a quality future for themselves and their families, and to contribute to the growth of the industry and Philippine society.

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